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Building & Launching a Website can be difficult.

Designing one that is a reflection of your business is even more challenging. 

Do you resonate with any of the following scenarios? 

"I want a website that is a reflection of my business, but I don't know where to start"

"I have a website, but it doesn't reflect my business in the way that I would like it to"

"I tried creating my own website, but it's way more challenging than expected"

Good News!

You are at the right place!

We are here to make the process Enjoyable, and the results Memorable

Working with Alani Bay Studios will guarantee a product built with Love & Care. We specialize in website and creative brand development for small businesses. We believe that every small business is unique and special, and deserves a result that is a reflection of that!

Let’s dive in!

Are you ready to Launch your dream site?

The Process

1. Content Workbook

2. Consultation

3. Onboarding

Inquire by submitting our Content Workbook. This will help us to learn a little bit more about you and your goals for your business.

Together we will review your content workbook, and have a discussion on your ideas, goals, and budget for the project. This service is offered at no cost.

You will receive your onboarding workbook, client dashboard, and project timeline.

4. Design

5. Development

6. Launch

Design deliverables, mock ups, and prototypes are produced. Once approved, we will begin development. 

This is where the magic happens. The estimated time for building is dependent on each project.

Yay! Your project is complete, and ready to share with the world! (Maintenance services are also available)

Why Alani Bay?

Creative Development 

Our studio emphasizes the importance of design that reflects “the special” in your brand and business. With a background in Web Development, Marketing, Public Relations, and Graphic Design, working with Alani Bay will guarantee digital assets that cater not only to your success but also to your special. 

Reasonable Pricing

One of the most common mistakes in investing in a website and digital assets is not fully understanding the deliverables. Agencies can charge up to $15k-30k for a website, and $5-10k for Branding Packages. Purchasing a cheap template sacrifices your originality, and still leaves you with the task to figure out how to edit and launch. We provide deliverables that are catered to your specific needs, while also ensuring reasonable pricing.

Personable Advocacy

We also know first hand the protectiveness, care, and passion that comes with being a small business owner. We are committed to the success of our clients, and we truly want to see your business blossom and succeed. All businesses and brands that choose Alani Bay are handled with Love & Care.

BOOK FOR 2024           BOOK FOR 2024           BOOK FOR 2024            BOOK FOR 2024           BOOK FOR 2024           BOOK FOR 2024           BOOK FOR 2024           BOOK FOR 2024           BOOK FOR 2024             BOOK FOR 2024           

Who We Serve

We specialize in building websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Consultants & Coaches

Service Providers



The Perfect Package

Brand perception is the key to consumer acquisition and retention. The goal of this package is to visually create a positive first and lasting impression for your business, while also capturing the uniqueness that sets you apart from competitors. We will create your custom brand kit that includes assets like a suite of logos, custom color palette, type suite, and more. 

“Bayllerina Package”

Brand Identity

Your brand deserves an intentional design that will capture its “special” with a strong strategy to back it for the most optimal brand awareness. We will adapt a creative and holistic approach to empower your brand identification. You will receive our Brand Kit assets, along with our Brand Strategy that comes with competitor research, ideal audience identification, brand voice, brand positioning, and more. 

“Bayllerina 2.0 Package”

Brand Identity + Brand Strategy

This package is built for Queen Status only! You will receive our deliverables for the Brand Kit, Brand Strategy, and Custom Designed Website. Our websites include custom design, optimal backend, mobile optimization/responsive design, and integrations. This is the perfect package, as it is the one stop shop to getting your brand and business the digital assets it needs for success.  

“Queen Bay Package”

Brand Identity + Strategy + Web Design 

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I have always been someone who is both creative and logical, so I found that web design & development is the perfect medium. I enjoy using my creative side to design unique websites, and my logical side to problem solve and code. If I'm not coding, I also find joy in screenwriting, playing tennis, boxing, spending time with friends & family, traveling, and trying new vegetarian foods.

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The Latest & Greatest

Alani Bay Studios Template Shop

Coming January 2024. Get ready for the Alani Bay template shop. This will host a variety of responsive websites ready for you to reserve. We have simplified the process for you: Download, Customize, and Launch! 


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